Google Trends: Saudi Arabia Surpasses Area 51; Brown Leads Guyger

By Marcus Session

Saudi Arabia More Intriguing Than Area 51

The September 14th attacks on multiple oil industries in Saudi Arabia made significant headlines in America last week. While Area 51 is a top story in the news again as the “raid” of the territory happened last Friday on the 20th. According to an analysis of Google Trends data, Saudi Arabia surpassed Area 51 in searches from September 14th to September 19th, until Friday’s raid. 

About 18 drones and 7 cruise missiles hit Saudi Arabia’s oil factories. Although the origin of the attacks on Saudi Arabia is unknown, the perpetrators are known as the Houthi government in Yemen took full responsibility for the damage done. It has been reported that this is the most sophisticated strike to date as there is suspicion of inside knowledge from the Shia Muslims.

The assault on Saudi Arabia has cut the country’s oil production by half, from 10 million to 5 million barrels a day. It is also worth noting that this attack has reduced the world’s oil supply by 6%.

The Area 51 raid originally started as a conspiracy joke during the middle of this past summer, until a Facebook page was made for the event. This event eventually gained national coverage as memes were shared over social media and even news stations started talking about it. This has been a trending topic in America since July, so it was interesting to see how the raid played out.

Trend chart from August 20th to September 20th

Brown Sparks Interest Over Guyger Trial

Former NFL Wide Receiver Antonio Brown has been trending for all of the wrong reasons since August, and this time it’s for another alleged sexual assault. While, ex-Dallas police officer Amber Guyger began her trial for a 2018 accidental shooting of her neighbor. Antonio Brown has accumulated more searches than Guyger in the state of Texas according to an analysis of Google Trends data.

Breakdown of searches in Texas

An unnamed artist reported to Sports Illustrated that Antonio Brown made inappropriate sexual advances toward her in 2017. The artist also claimed that Brown decided to have sex with another woman in the same room while she was working on a mural for the ex-NFL player.

But that’s not all, Brown decided to send the artist threatening text messages in a group thread after she went public with her story. These texts included pictures of her children and threats of looking into her life. The New England Patriots looked into these messages and ultimately decided to release Brown, leading to the star receiver’s retirement from the NFL.

New important details emerged in the first day of Amber Guyger’s trial. For one, she was on the wrong floor of her apartment and missed numerous signs of this, which included a skylight and the victim’s red doormat. It was also revealed that Guyger seemed more worried about texting her lover about the situation rather than devoting her attention on the dead victim.

Guyger was charged for the shooting and killing of Botham Jean in September 2018. She allegedly thought he trespassed in her apartment that night.

Trending chart in Texas

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